G7 equal opportunities, GEAC 2024 Recommendations approved

10 giugno 2024


The G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC), appointed by the the Minister for Family, Natality and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Maria Roccella, and chaired by Marina Terragni, approved the GEAC 2024 Recommendations addressed to the G7 Leaders and Ministers responsible for equal opportunities opportunities. 

The goal of the GEAC 2024 Recommendations is to underline the importance of integrating the gender perspective in all policy areas in order to better respond to the needs of women and recognize their skills and talents.

In particular, the GEAC 2024 Recommendations call for innovative actions and strategies on four priority areas of intervention: Conflicts, Care, Gen Z and Education.

GEAC 2024 Recommendations (pdf) 

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