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G7 Equal opportunities


The activities of the 2024 Italian G7 Presidency on the issues of gender equality and women's empowerment are centred on the meeting of the G7 Ministers responsible for equal opportunities in Matera on October 4-6 2024, which will be chaired by the Minister for the family, natality and equal opportunities, Eugenia Roccella, and will develop during 2024 with the meetings of the technical working group, GEWE WG - Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Working Group, and the meetings of the Group of independent experts, GEAC - Gender Equality Advisory Council.

The first G7 ministerial meeting dedicated to gender equality issues (G7 Ministerial Meeting on Gender Equality) was organized in 2017, in Taormina, under the auspices of the then Italian Presidency of the G7. Subsequently, the French G7 Presidency of 2019, the German one of 2022 and the Japanese one of 2023 also followed. The Italian G7 Presidency of 2024, in the framework of a renewed national and international commitment to the promotion of empowerment of women, the enhancement of women's potential and the protection of their rights, confirms the presence of the G7 Ministerial Meeting on Gender Equality in the official calendar of the G7 ministerial meetings.

The meeting will allow the G7 Ministers to discuss two areas proposed as priorities by the Italian Presidency: 1. putting an end to gender violence and strengthening support for victims, with a focus on aspects of prevention and economic support for victims; 2.  empowering women, empowering nation: a collective effort to promote gender equality, with a focus on the importance of the role of businesses in promoting female empowerment, on policies to support parethood and on the promotion of education and STEM professions.

In view of the meeting, on 12 June 2024, the Italian Presidency of the G7 made available the update of the G7 Dashboard on Gender Gaps for 2024.


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